AWS and Azure EasC automation

At my last visit at AWS Summit 2019, I’ve learned so much how AWS understands IasC (Infrastructure as Code) and goes one step ahead to defines EasC (Enterprise as Code).

I’ve seen quite impressive technologies and want to share some information to you.

1.) I’ve talked with some AWS architects and each one gave the same conclusions to me “when you cannot describing your application and the underlying infrastructure as code, you don’t understand that application and infrastructure”

That was quite hard, but during the discussion and Werner Vogels KeyNote I understand why it’s so important.

2.) What does EasC everything includes?

  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Configuration as Code
  • Operations as Code
  • Compliance as Code
  • Application delivery as Code

3.) AWS tools who helped to archive that goals

  • Infrastructure as Code > AWS Cloud formation
  • Configuration as Code > AWS OpsWorks& Chef
  • Operations as Code > System Manager CloudWatch
  • Compliance as Code > AWS Config Rules
  • Application delivery as Code > CodePipeline & CodeDeploy

4.) Azure tools who helped to archive that goals

  • Infrastructure as Code > Azure ARM Templates in combination with Azure Automation
  • Configuration as Code > Azure Automation DSC
  • Operations as Code > Security Center
  • Compliance as Code > Azure Management Groups in combination with Azure BluePrint
  • Application delivery as Code > Azure DevOps

That solution helps to deploy much faster and leave the traditional monolith into a microservice development lifecycle.

At the AWS Summit I saw in Werner Vogels (CTO AWS) KeyNote some really good Slides, about the differences from traditional to the new thinking.

For my point of view that definition also includes a completely mind changing and to implement that process can takes some month or maybe years but it’s quite important to start.

I’ve seen many companies and spoke with some guys of it during the AWS Summit that implements that process or are currently working on it and I always got the same answer “It’s a big mind changer but the only way to deliver applications much faster and securely”

For me this is the future and I will try to share that new thinking with my customers and change my mind too.

Cheers and always keep in mind “the future is always here”