Azure Bastion is GA

Good news for remote access solutions to VMs in Azure.

With the new feature “Azure Bastion”, there is no need to assign a public IP to a VM.

You have now the possibility to:

    • Integrate and easily traverse existing security perimeter and firewalls using an HTML5 based web client that is automatically streamed to your local device, serving the RDP and SSH session over SSL on port 443.
    • Connect your RDP and SSH sessions, directly in the Azure Portal using a single click experience.
    • Log into your virtual machines by using SSH keys for authentication.
    • Create RDP or SSH connections to your Azure virtual machines using private IPs only. Avoid public Internet exposure and shield against port scanning of your VMs.
    • Take advantage of a fully managed and hardened PaaS service, to provide you secure RDP and SSH connectivity.  Seamless integration and one-time setup of Network Security Groups (ACLs) on your subnets, without continues management.

    Here is a short introduction about the new feature

    Azure Bastion howto

    Azure Bastion is at the moment a preview feature and will only available in the Azure Preview Portal (Link)

    For me a really good and important new feature!

    Cheers and always keep in mind “the future is always here”