Visit the ESPC19 this week.

It’s conferencing time again. This week I travel to the European SharePoint, Office365 and Azure conference in Prag. For me it’s the first time and I’m really happy for the chance and also really exiting about the next days.

I have a ticket for the whole three days including the pre-conference. The speaker list is really impressive and sessions too.

The next days, I will blog about the sessions, news and will give you an overview about the conference.

I’ve select the following sessions:

UPDATE: I’ve swith the pre day from “Azure and Azure AD for Developers” to “Kubernetes on Azure”

Pre Day: “AzurKubernetes on Azure”


In four years, Kubernetes has gone from an open source orchestrator, to being accepted as the inaugural project of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), to now when it’s undoubtedly seen as the container orchestration standard. Strong community support for Kubernetes can be gauged by the fact that, in terms of number of authors/issues, it is No. 2 (with No. 1 being Linux) across all projects on GitHub.
Today, Kubernetes as a service is available on all major public cloud platforms, including Azure. Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is a “managed” offering. This means that it greatly reduces the complexity and operational overhead of managing Kubernetes. AKS handles critical tasks like health monitoring and maintenance. AKS also natively integrates with Azure platform services like Azure Active Directory, Log Analytics and Azure Virtual Network. Finally, AKS enjoys a rich ecosystem of development tools such as Helm, Draft and extension for Visual Studio Code.
In summary, if you’re building a container-packaged, microservices-oriented application, it’s more than likely that such an application will need to run on a dynamically managed cluster such as AKS (for optimal use of resources and lowering overall TCO). 

Benefits of Attending this Tutorial: 

  1. About Key Kubernetes Concepts 
  2. Deep dive into AKS 
  3. How AKS integrates with other Azure services 


  • Azure Governance Using Azure Blueprints
  • Code your Azure Deployments using Terraform
  • How to Build Mission Critical, Globally Distributed Applications with Azure Cosmos DB


  • The Great Azure Networking Tour 2019
  • Triggers and Bindings – The Lifeblood of Azure Functions
  • Manage Costs with Azure Budgets Deep Dive
  • Logic Apps End-to-End


  • Linux on Azure
  • Powerful and Effective Protection with Azure Security Center
  • Azure Application Insights: Add Application Telemetry & Monitoring to your Web Apps!
  • Monitoring and Logging Office 365 using Azure Sentinel
  • Mastering Azure using Cloud Shell!