Azure Templates (preview)

Hi folks,

today I blog about a small, but for my point of view, a good new feature at the azure portal.

Azure Templates is a new preview feature which gives you the possibility to store and share your templates at the Azure portal. You can find that feature at the “All Service” menu:

You have the possibility to add and share your templates with others.

1.) Create a new template:

Define a name and a description about the new template.

2.) Next step add your developed template

Great and really simple. You have the possibility to

  • deploy
  • edit
  • delete
  • share

the template.

When you try the deployment feature, the deployment process opens the “Template Deployment” service with the selected ARM template.

The sharing option is a really cool option to share your stored ARM template. Click on share, then you can add users/groups to that specific template. In my case, I only allow “read” permission to the template:

The user have now the possibility to “deploy” the template. The “delete” or “edit” feature is disabled:

For my point of view a really cool small new feature.