Activate Azure for non-Profit companies

Hi folks,

in that BlogPost, i will explain how non-profit companies will enable their Azure benefits. Yes, Microsoft sponsors non-profit companies with azure sponsoring too. It’s possible to activate 3500 USD for one ore more subscriptions.

Okay, but why I need to activate that benefit. First of all you have to register your Company at Stifter Helfen. A colleague of mine describes that process in one of his latest BlogPost.

Great, when everything is in place you should activate or create a new Azure account. Important!, your company has to eligible for the non-profit status first. Visit the Site Link to activate your account.

When everything was approved you can see the following status:

Great, now it’s time to create a new subscription. Visit the Azure portal website

Click on the service “Subscriptions

and create a new subscription

When everything was approved, you have a new Azure subscription type listened named “Microsoft Azure Sponsorship

Cool, we can create a new Subscription BUT what’s about existing subscriptions! Simple, select the existing “Pay as you Go” subscription and select “New support request“. Insert the following information:

The important part here is the Problem type and the Problem subtype. The technical consultant from Microsoft will contact you and ask some questions about your company. After everything was clarified, the Consultant will change the subscription offer to “Azure Sponsorship

Great, we are now in place, but there are some questions to clarify:

Where I can find out how many credits are available?

Visit the Website ” “. Login with your Global Admin account and switch to the “Check Your Balance” section:

Here you can see the rest of you credits, the time period and the active subscriptions:

What happens when the Offer expiring?

The official answer from Microsoft technical support team:

Next year when the sponsorship Entitlement comes close to expire you can create a ticket with us, so that we could directly connect you with our sponsorship team and you can renew the sponsorship on the same account.

What appends when my sponsoring exceeds?

I’ve opened a case, and will update that BlogPost with the information I’ll get.