Azure portal features

Hi Folks,

today I wan’t to share a small but for my point of view important feature with you. For me that feature is really important, because I deliver many workshops about Azure and implement my “Demo” or “Hands-On” solution mostly in the same subscription.

Meantime, I had many resource groups created and I don’t need each at my Workshops. What’s my solution to filter the Resource Groups? Sure, I use Azure “TAGs“. Tags are so important in Azure trust me!

My environment is a shared environment, where other colleagues of me can add new resources and that’s the reason, why I’ve add a custom Azure policy definition to enforce my main tags:

  • DemoFor
  • Details
  • Owner

Here is an overview about my “Azure Policy Initiative“:

I’ve add that Azure Policy Initiative to my main “Azure Management Group“, which ensures, that all my Azure subscriptions have the same required tags in place. I’ve add another policy to replicate those tags from the Resource Group to the Resources, but It’s not an required task for that Blog post.

Okay what happens, when you forget to add the required tags to a new Resource Group? Sure, you get an error during the deployment:

Inside the error message, you can find out which policy drops the task.

Great, we have now all required Tags in place. You have now the possibility to filter your Azure “Resource Groups” or “Resources” by Tags:

Resource Groups:


Really important and cool feature BUT, when you refresh or switch to another Tab, your filter and column settings are lost and that’s really bad.

Solution: create a custom view 🙂 add the required columns and also add your required filter to the “Azure Resource Group” or “All Resources” section:

Sample Resource Group“:

And now click on “Manage view” and select “Save current view“. Enter a name for the view and click on “OK“. If you switch to another tab and go back to the “Resource Group” section, the “Default view” without filtering will be displayed, but you can now really easy switch to your saved “View” without adding any filter or add/remove columns:

Great small but efficient feature!