Next level Azure Private Link

Hi Folks,

today I’ll blog about Azure Private Link. That feature isn’t really new but with a small “preview” add on it makes sense for me. Microsoft announced VNet Integration in preview for WebApp which is an awesome news, because it’s highly important for me demo in that Blog Post.

UPDATE from my GlobalAzure session!

45 attendees at my session. Everything worked fine. Great to be a part of that event! #GlobalAzure

Upcoming (24.04.2020) week I’ve a Virtual Session @AzureGlobalBootCamp about that solution. I will demonstrate the possibility about Azure Private Link and the new preview Feature “App Service VNet Integration”. Here a small Architecture design about my solution:

Initial situation (IaaS & PaaS):

The not so good part of that solution:

Sure I can use in that case Azure Service Endpoint (my last Blog Post) but I wan’t to implement a possibility, to connect to a private IP adress. Maybe in near future, some On-Prem services also wan’t to connect to that solution and I don’t want to enable any firewall port. I want to transfer the traffic over my existing S2S VPN, that’s one of my main goal.

The goal solution:

That’s great, BUT I always told my customers the following:

“If it’s possible from application perspective always use PaaS services. Concentrate to new technologies and not to the “operations” overhead”

So that solution isn’t really the perfect one. YES I have an PaaS only solution for you! A short time ago Microsoft announces a new “preview” feature named: “Azure App service VNet integration“.

I love that preview feature because normally I use an Azure VM (the solution above) or alternately an „Azure App Service environment“ which is too expensive. Now we had the possibility to integrate a normally „Azure App“ service into our VNet. The following requirements should be in place:

  • The app and the virtual network must be in the same region
  • Your App Service plan must be a Standard, Premium, or Premium V2 plan
  • The feature currently works just with Windows apps

Please keep in mind, the feature is currently in preview, don’t use it in productive environments!

The PaaS goal solution:

Okay you can find my Global Azure BootCamp recording (German) here. (available soon)

If you are interested into my solution, you can find it on my GitHub account. Feel free, download the solution and start the deployment script. (Link)