Azure Cost Management News

Hi folks,

last week I’ve got some customer requests, they get more and more messages “Subscription Registration Failure” and don’t know what’s happens.

The message looks like the following:

Hello Cloudyn Admin

The following user has tried to register one of your subscriptions with Cloudyn,

User Name: Contoso User


Tenant: 12345678-76f9-1234-1234-87654321

Please set this user role and permissions in order to activate him.

Open User Management and search for the user > Edit user > Activate


Cloudyn Support

The main point here:

Cloudyn is being deprecated by the end of 2020

Here is an official statement from Microsoft:

Cloudyn is being deprecated by the end of 2020. Existing Cloudyn features are being integrated directly into the Azure portal wherever possible. With the exception of CSP customers, no new customers can onboard at this time. 

Please use the new “Azure Cost Management” functionality, you can find details about that product here.

To use “Azure Cost Management” in CSP, your provider has to migrate your CSP subscription to the new “Azure Plan“, then it’s possible to use that functionality.

Here an short overview.