Azure SSH Key Resource


today I want to share a small new feature with you. A few weeks ago, I‘ve tried to connect to an Azure Linux VM and saw a new feature named “SSH Key”:

Okay, take a look at the new feature. When I create a Linux VM in Azure I’m often in the situation “okay what’s my public key and where is my key stored :)” because I don’t want to use a password every time.

That small but for my point really cool new feature helps you, that you don’t come into my “problem” because the public key is stored in Azure.

You can find the new feature in the marketplace. The only “bad” thing at the moment, the key is stores in “(US) West US” but from my point of view, it will come into Europe the next weeks/month hopefully:

You have the possibility to create a new key pair or use an existing one. In my case, I’m creating a new one.

After that, you get a popup to download the private key. Hmm okay but now I have the same problem, not really, because on the next screen you can see, that you choose the public key which is stored in Azure.

You can find the benefit when you create a new Azure VM, there is now a new option available:

Awesome, the VM is finished deployed and you can see the benefit when I try to connect. In my solution, I’ve deployed Azure Bastion too, because I don’t want to add a public IP to my VM and want to connect from outside my company network.

Open the VM service in Azure, switch to the connect section, and select Azure Bastion:

You had now the option “SSH Private Key from Local File”, choose that and select the downloaded .pem file for the public key stored in Azure and press connect. Wow, everything is working fine. I love that tiny but useful and free feature!