Test new preview feature (private marketplace)

Hi folks,

today, I want to test a new public feature named “private marketplace”. I guess that feature is highly important for many of my customers (not all) and I want to prepare for my next discussions.

Okay, bevor I’ll start with the tests here are some official inputs:

  • This feature is currently in preview, don’t use it in production environments
  • Private Azure Marketplace is at a tenant level, so all users under the tenant will see the same curated list.
  • All Microsoft solutions are automatically added to Private Azure Marketplace.

Here are the prerequisites to configure the new feature:

  • You need Global Admin access to your tenant
  • You need at least one subscription (any type supported)
  • The Global Admin need a contributor role (or higher) assigned to the subscription
  • The Global administrator user has elevated access set to Yes

Okay, everything is in place, then let’s start with the testing environment. In my case, I’ve created a new Azure AD Tenant named:


It’s a free tenant, then I will create a new “free” subscription for my tests.

Now I will start with the documentation in their single steps:

1.) Enable the “elevated access” in you new tenant:

2.) Assign the “Marketplace admin role” to the global admin user. At the moment there is only the PowerShell available to archive that task. I will use the azure cloud-shell for that task.

$marketplacern= "Marketplace Admin"
$TenantId = "<Insert your TenantID>"
$SubscriptionId = "<Insert your SubscriptionID>"
$UsernameToAssignRoleFor = "<UPN wher role should be assign>"
$MarketPlaceAdminRole = Get-AzRoleDefinition $marketplacern
New-AzRoleAssignment -SignInName $UsernameToAssignRoleFor -RoleDefinitionName $MarketPlaceAdminRole.Name -Scope "/providers/Microsoft.Marketplace"

Here is the result:

Then, open the Azure Marketplace and you will see the “Private Marketplace (Preview)” feature on the left side.

3.) Open the “Private Marketplace (Preview)” and enable the feature by selecting “Gest started”

3.) Now the “Manage marketplace” section is enabled and you can see the “Enable Private Marketplace” on the top of the page. Please Enable the private marketplace

4.) Okay, now I will create a new user at my tenant and assign the contributor (each RBAC role will work in that solution) RBAC role to it. Log in to the Azure portal and take a look at the marketplace.

Hmm, nothing changed? Everything looks normal, is there any bug with that feature? The answer is NO, everything is okay, search for a third party product like for example “F5”. On top of the result page you will see the following:

COOL, that feature is working, so select any product from the “F5” solution and you will see, that the is disabled and the following information is shown:

5.) Now, I switch back to my admin account and add exactly that solution to the “private marketplace”:

It’s also possible to select the plans but in my case each plan is okay. Done. Now I see the selected solution into my private marketplace:

6.) Switch back to the user and try it again. The solution has an allowed flag now and everything should work fine.

A highly important new feature, I’ll be logging forward to my next customer discussions and hope that feature will be soon GA!