Hi, I often hear from my customers and the community “Hey, why I can’t change the VNet from an Azure VM easily”. That statement isn’t really true, and I want to clarify why. First of all, normally there is no reason to change the network from an Azure VM. To change the subnet is more […]

Hi folks, Today, I’ve published a new YouTube video about Azure Bastion. That video is from type nugget and will cover the main topics about the Azure bastion host including, why, what, and the pricing. At the end I’m also showing in a live demo the provisioning, the handling, and how you can use Azure […]

Hi folks, this week I got my approval for a session (5:15pm CET) at the AzureLive (virtual) event in netherlands. My session will cover the following: Head Quater and Brunch Offices, many companies have the same network decision. In that session, you will learn how you can use Azure Virtual Wan to connect. This session […]