Hi folks, a few days ago, Microsoft published a new release of Azure Bicep (v 0.4.1008). That release includes many Bug fixes and features like: Bug fixes: Removed warning about allowed scopes for scope functions (#4784) Fix for exception compiling listKeys() on resource array access (#4282) Add errors for 2 unsupported decompiler features (#4375) Fix […]

Hi folks, today, I want to announce my new video about “Azure ARM development”. This session is the starting point of my Azure IaC development series. I’m covering the topics: ARM template development Azure Biceps development Terraform development Feel free to give me feedback and you also have the ability to download the source code […]

Hi folks, I’ve to build an Azure Billing API solution to get a monthly based mail about the current billing amount in one of my last customer projects. The requirements for that solutions were the following: Using PaaS services only Secure Low costs A .csv attachment and based on resource group, tags, and costs an […]