Hi folks, today, I want to announce my new video about Azure conditional access and the first look at my backup solution. I’m covering in that session the Azure conditional access feature, including a short overview of the functionality and troubleshooting options. I’m also covering a real-life Use Case including the requirements. At the end, […]

At the moment, I see many installations with the following error at the powershell console, when I try to install a new module. After some investigation, I’ve found out, that the PowerShell gallery changed their TLS support to 1.2 only (Link). Okay that’s clear, you have to change the PowerShell TLS version to 1.2 with […]

Hi, today I want to share a small new feature with you. A few weeks ago, I‘ve tried to connect to an Azure Linux VM and saw a new feature named “SSH Key”: Okay, take a look at the new feature. When I create a Linux VM in Azure I’m often in the situation “okay […]