Hi folks, in the past weeks, I’ve changed my GitHub Account into an Organization account. I’ve defined different Repos to handle different topics. You can find my new GitHub account under https://github.com/Lagler-Gruener Another good news, last week, I’m starting with my new YouTube Channel and I’m happy to announce, that I’ve published three videos with […]

Hi folks, this week I got my approval for a session (5:15pm CET) at the AzureLive (virtual) event in netherlands. My session will cover the following: Head Quater and Brunch Offices, many companies have the same network decision. In that session, you will learn how you can use Azure Virtual Wan to connect. This session […]

At the moment, I see many installations with the following error at the powershell console, when I try to install a new module. After some investigation, I’ve found out, that the PowerShell gallery changed their TLS support to 1.2 only (Link). Okay that’s clear, you have to change the PowerShell TLS version to 1.2 with […]

Hi folks, it’s been a long time since my last blog post. In that blog post, I want to explain a solution to my fire department. A few months ago I’m finished with the implementation of office365, it was an extremely important and also very interesting implementation. Now we’ve got the benefits of using Microsoft […]

Hi, today I want to share a small new feature with you. A few weeks ago, I‘ve tried to connect to an Azure Linux VM and saw a new feature named “SSH Key”: Okay, take a look at the new feature. When I create a Linux VM in Azure I’m often in the situation “okay […]

Today, I had time to test the new Azure AD management units preview feature. This feature is very important to me, as I have often asked about this feature in Azure AD in the past. What can you do with Azure AD management units? The answer is really simple: you can set authorization for different […]

Hi folks, a few weeks ago, I had a virtual session about Azure Identity security @security summit 2020. Now, I want to demonstrate my live demo and also explain, why Identity security is highly important in Azure. Before we start with the Demo, I‘ll explain why Identity security is so important in Azure. For my […]

Hi folks, last week I’ve got some customer requests, they get more and more messages “Subscription Registration Failure” and don’t know what’s happens. The message looks like the following: Hello Cloudyn Admin The following user has tried to register one of your subscriptions with Cloudyn, User Name: Contoso User Email: user@contoso.com Tenant: 12345678-76f9-1234-1234-87654321 Please set […]