Hi everyone, now it’s official, I’m speaking at the ExpertsLive Austria 2021. That event is an international hybrid event. We are really happy, that we can greet up to 100 persons in person at the event location in Austria It’s a hybrid event and starting at 09:00 AM on 03.09.2021. I’m proud to be a […]

Hi folks, today, I want to announce my new video about “Azure bicep development”. This session is split into a theory and live demo session. The theory section covers what/why and how Azure bicep and in the (much longer) live demo session I’m going to develop an Azure bicep template and show the deployment options. […]

Hey folks, in one of my last projects, we came into a UseCase situation, that requires the Azure AD risky sign-in information in Azure sentinel. Normally I would say “no problem let’s do it” and yes, there is an Azure sentinel connector available to archive that. But the customer only bought Azure AD P1 licenses, […]