About Me

A Short Introduce About Me

I advise my customes about the new features and possibilities in Cloud environments.

My name is Hannes Lagler-Gruener and I’m working for a big company in Austria as a Cloud Solutions Architect.

I work with cloud products (prefered Azure) since 2013 and I love to learn more and more about the capabilities.

I expand my knowledge to other cloud providers (not only microsoft azure), so don’t be astonish to read something about AWS or Google Cloud.

About myself in the past:

I’ve worked many years for different banks in Austria and started with the classical On-Prem environment. At that time I also absolved a trainig in C#, which was very usefull to understand the development and operation side. After my carrier at the internal IT, I have worked many years for Microsoft as an Enterprise Consultant for System Center and Cloud Solutions. If you want to know more about my technical carrier and my certifications please visit my Xing or LinkedIn Profile.